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Living. Life. Everyday.

Follow Your Bliss

Yoga & Fitness Classes

Outdoor & Indoor Classes you can find us teaching around the Annapolis area!

Check out our class schedules and find

a class that's right for you!


Yoga & Fitness Events  

We love partnering with local businesses

to create a fitness experience for you!

Reminding you that your fitness journey can be more than just the workout, it can be a lifestyle.  A happy, healthy lifestyle - taking time out of your day to do something that feels good for you... and having fun along the way! 

Fitness & Yoga Classes that Enhance your Lifestyle

We are happy to be able to share our passion and love for fitness and the outdoors - paired with supporting local businesses.  To enhance your experience of working towards becoming that best version of yourself. 

The experience matters - sharing it with like minded people and creating room for growth.

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